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Iron Gag

A Life Once Lost , Ferret Records
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Logging countless miles on the road over the past 5 years, A LIFE ONCE LOST has developed into an absolute force to be reckoned with in the live setting. Now, with Iron Gag, A LIFE ONCE LOST is set to deliver a truly original, innovative, heavy-as-hell listening experience. It is the rare heavy record with staying power. Supremely well-paced, the music dovetails its blend of raw-power metal and fuzz-tripping hard-rock. The vocals are at once sarcastic, cynical and mocking, a troubled humanity lurking just beneath the surface. You want the heavy? It’s all here. “Nothing has ever slowed us down. We are a band that saw what we wanted and did what we wanted to do,” Meadows says flatly. “It’s about going out there and taking it.” Like a shark, this band can only go forwards and the deeper reaches of Iron Gag are very clearly the sound of A LIFE ONCE LOST finding new waters in which to hunt.



1. Firewater Joyride
2. Detest
3. The Wanderer
4. Worship
5. All Teeth
6. Meth Mouth
7. Masks
8. Pigeonholed
9. Others Die
10. Silence
11. Ill Will